Making a Railway Sleeper Coffee Table

Making a Railway Sleeper Coffee Table Written by Eliza Lourenço Railway sleepers in the yard at Coasties. The increasing popularity of recycled building materials has meant that railway sleepers have become a favoured choice for many DIY enthusiasts and professionals all over the world. With so many of them in the Coasties Big Shed yard, Matt decided to create his own railway sleeper coffee table. The following blog post is a rundown of his process. First things first, the railway sleepers are cut in half, with one end being slabbed up for the tabletop boards, this means dressing the timber down to 30mm. If you need help with this step, Coasties offers timber dressing as a service so you can get your timber nice and clean and ready to resin. After the tabletop wood is dressed, the other half is then milled for the legs and rails. Once this is done the fun part is pouring the black tinted resin into the natural grooves of the wood. Matt pouring the resin
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